Custom Wallcoverings

Designing Custom Wallcoverings


Len-Tex will make your design vision a reality!

In addition to our extensive line of wallcoverings, Len-Tex has a wide range of custom capabilities. Whether it’s a small change in color or weight of a standard item or creating an elaborate new design to meet the needs of a specific project, we offer customized solutions for a variety of wallcovering applications. We have developed specialized surface treatments for an infinite array of designs, including print and ink wash techniques, pearlescent and metallics, distinctive embossings, as well as functional and aesthetic coatings.


Customer-Focused Culture

We pride ourselves on being responsive to the needs of our customers and providing value-added solutions for new wallcovering development projects. We are a dedicated resource and partner, with a skilled team of design, technical and customer support staff to assist you through every step of the process. Our customers consistently turn to us for unparalleled products and service.


Color Laboratory

Located at our manufacturing facility in North Walpole, NH, our Color Lab can quickly and easily turn your wallcovering design ideas into reality. We offer design consultation and cost-effective solutions for your custom project, based on our years of technical and production expertise. We’ll promptly turn around strike-offs (pre-production proofs) from our Color Lab. Created using similar color mixing and printing technologies, the strike-off provides an accurate representation of the final production.


Project Submission

All custom projects require submission of a Strike-off Request Form to our Marketing Department, providing your product specifications, required design elements, artwork preparation, and timeline. Our Color Lab will produce a strike-off sample to demonstrate color, scale, and design repeats. We’ll maintain an ongoing dialogue with you to ensure your expectations are met. Once strike-offs are approved, the project is scheduled for final production.



To run a custom color of an existing design, or adjust the weight specification, a standard 1,000-yard minimum applies. In addition to color and weight changes, we have a 1,000 yard minimum for new designs created using existing print rollers.


Custom Design Studio

Our Custom Design Studio can provide custom artwork to achieve your design vision. We begin with a CAD-generated image as a paper print, submitted for your approval. After revisions to color or design are completed and approved, the required printing rollers will be obtained. A screen-printed sample on vinyl is an at-cost option, laminated and embossed as a finished product. Please contact your Len-Tex distributor for pricing and terms. Call our Marketing Team at 603-445-2342, ext 15, for more information on bringing your next new product design to market, or to discuss less-than-minimum quantities for your custom project.